Lost PAN Card or Changes,correction in existing PAN card in 20-25 days at your postal address.

Instructions to  apply for a new PAN card with same existing old PAN number, or changes/corrrection in exisitng PAN card or making application for LOST PAN card-for indian residents in Mumbai,Delhi,Chennai,Kolkatta,Banglore, Pune and all India and for non residents and foreign companies situated outside India-USA,UK,UAE,Singapore and entire world.
Step-1 -
Please click on the link given down below at the bottom of this page  to download the correction / lost PAN card form and take its printout and fill the same with a pen all the details as asked in it.
Please mention your PAN number on the space provided in a box on the form. If you dont remember your PAN number, then you can view the same by registering with your name and date of birth on the income tax site, as under-

Please take printout of you PAN details through the above link, or in case if you are having your original PAN Card photocopy,then you can enclose the same along with the correction form.Mention your full name-first name, middle name and surname-all are compulsory.Affix 2 snaps on the space provided-sign across the snap on the left hand side corner of the correction form and sign beneath the snap on the right hand corner of the correction form and again sign at the end of the correction form.  Dont make use of any shortforms and dont make any cancellations while filling up the correction form.
Enclose the following documents along with the correction PAN form-

In case of change of name-
For Indian Residents- affidavit copy, or any ID proof-voter/election card or passport copy,or ration card or bank statement with a changed name or any sort of proof stating that your name is changed with a new name.
For non residents- The new passport copy or foreign bank statement or an affidavit or lisence-any one of these with a changed name.

In case of change of address- 
For Indian Residents- photocopy of bank statement with transaction page,light bill,telephone bill,election card, ration card,passport copy-any one of these stating your new residential address.(any one) 
For non residents or foreign citizens- the photocopy of passport/oci card/or pio card-any one of these with a new address. In case, if they dont have address, then copy of bank statement in the country of residence, or photocopy of  driving lisence, utility bill, or light bill-any one of these with a changed address.
For foreign companies-or Indian companies-the photocopy of the new certificate of incorporation with a changed name and address, or Memorandum/Articles of association-any one of these with the changed name and address.
 In case of change in birth date- Passport copy or ration card,birth certificate, school leaving certificate-or any proof showing your date of birth-any one of these.

Indian Residents- Rs 1000/-.
Non resident Indians/foreign citizens-U.S.$ 200
Foreign companies-US $ 1000
Indian Companies/partnership firms=Rs 10,000/-.
As per the respective categories of assessees, you are required to deposit the aforesaid charges into our bank account as under-
"FILERETURN.COM PRIVATE LIMITED"-ACCOUNT NUMBER-0 3 5 6 0 5 0 0 0 9 8 5 , Swift code-I C I C I N B B C T S
Tardeo branch , mumbai, India.
Scan the aforesaid documents and the correction form duly filled in into a jpg or pdf format and send the same to us via email at
this email address-

24 hours mobile-C.A.NIKUNJ SHAH -+91-9820442177
LANDLINE- +91-22-23878358 MUMBAI-INDIA
Please note- We shall process the work only after receipt in advance in full of our charges. You shall get the new/lost PAN card with the same old PAN number in just 25 days at your indian or foreign postal address-100 percent guaranteed. 

Click down below to download the corrrection/lost PAN card form.

Nikunj Shah,
Aug 17, 2012, 2:27 AM